Wow! I can't believe how fast time flies by. I'm excited to update you on what I've been doing for the last few months. Print Books, Baby! The process is underway and I'm announcing release dates in this post. I'm scattering out the release of each book to give each title the opportunity to become a #1 Bestseller. Also to break-up the cost for my readers. The paperback versions will be available on Amazon, Barnes&, and through IngramSpark for public and school libraries and bookstores. Read on for more details on each book.

Book 1 A Diamond in My Pocket - The interior changed a little. I removed the prologue after multiple readers’ opinions recommended I do so. Many of my readers didn’t even know I’d added one. I agree with everyone who said it changed the beginning tone of the series. So, it’s gone. For those of you who read the ebook a couple years ago, you’ll be in for a surprise with the print version. There’s more description and extended scenes. The main plotline is unchanged. 
Book one is currently available on Amazon, and Barnes& for $14.99 USD. 
A Diamond in my Pocket is also on IngramSpark, discounted for libraries and bookstores.

Book 2 A Diamond in My Heart - As you see above, book 2 is in print form now. I'm so excited to be able to hold two of my books in my hands. Book two has gone through an overhaul and now has a few new scenes, extended existing scenes, and an overall improved reading experience. 
Mark your calendar for May 15th as the release day of A Diamond in My Heart print version on Amazon. $14.99 USD

Book 3 The Diamond of Freedom has a new cover, different cover image, too. I had a professional photographer take the pictures on the front and back of book 3 of the actual pocket watch, diamond, and pouch from the book. The gemstones on the back are of the actual obsidian and gemstones I have. While the older cover also had the real watch and diamond/pouch, the image wasn’t clear enough to be on an IngramSpark cover. The interior has some minor changes to the current ebook’s content. 
Mark your calendar for May 29th as the release day of The Diamond of Freedom print version on Amazon. $14.99 USD.
Lorena Angell

Book 4 The Diamond Bearers’ Destiny is heading off to the interior formatter. Minor changes were made to this storyline as I picked up on some small inconsistencies with the different powers and abilities. The cover’s file is being redesigned. I'll post an updated cover as soon as it's finished. 
Mark your calendar for June 12th as the release day of The Diamond Bearers’ Destiny print version on Amazon. $14.99 USD.

Lorena Angell

Book 5 The Diamond Bearer’s Secret - While the interior content doesn’t need changes, the cover is being redesigned to flow with the rest of the book covers. 
Mark your calendar for June 26th as the release date for The Diamond Bearer’s Secret print version on Amazon. $14.99 USD

book 6 diamond Lorena Angell

Book 6 The Diamond Bearers’ Rising - The book cover is almost finished and the manuscript is being edited. After going through the process of submitting books for print and learning the amount of time needed to process files and approve proofs, I’m hopeful to be able to release book 6 in mid July in both ebook and print format.

If you've followed my series for a few years, you might be wondering: Why has this process taken so long to get into print? Well, there’s no one single answer to that question. I believe things come together when they’re ready to. As vague as that sounds, it’s true. My life, like yours I’m guessing, has had many ups and downs emotionally, financially, environmentally, etc. It feels like nothing goes as planned at times. However, I’ve continued to move forward at a snail’s pace. If you look at the fact that I released book one in 2011 and will release book six in 2017, that’s like releasing one book per year which isn’t too shabby. I now have real release dates for the print version books and am anxious to get the series out to readers and into libraries for readers with limited funds.
On the price point, I chose the $14.99 amount based on other books in the same genre and on the expense involved for each book on my end. EBooks are definitely cheaper to produce than print, that’s for sure. In the end, time is money and I have to put a value on my time. I’m grateful to be able to submit to print-on-demand printers like CreateSpace, NookPrint, and IngramSpark. These printers and others like them make it possible to greatly reduce the amount of upfront money involved with putting my series into print. 

The Unaltered series is being optioned for film. Hollywood producers are trying to develop a movie of book one and I couldn't be more excited. I believe once the books grow in popularity, this will help the producers achieve the milestones needed to move forward with a movie. You can help this process by buying the books on Amazon on the release dates listed. With enough downloads, the books can reach #1 in their category--a status that will be noticed.
the unaltered movie
Stay tuned for updates during this release process. Tuesdays are TUESDAY NEWSDAYS. I'll post important changes or updates on Tuesdays. Also, newsletter subscribers will be kept current on new news. You can subscribe to my Awesome Fans Newsletter at the top of the page.

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