For a limited time, I'm offering signed copies of my series for a special price for you, my Awesome Fans and Friends. The 5-book set is $49.95 plus $6 shipping for U.S. orders. CLICK HERE to snag this most-excellent deal. (I can ship to other countries if you contact me first for shipping costs.) 

I'm just getting started promoting and distributing my series to bookstores and libraries and your purchase will help me be able to pay for the costs involved with this. It's certainly not easy being an Indie author. However, with all the online options available to authors, including social media, this part of the process is possible where it wasn't not too long ago.  

I released book one, A Diamond in My Pocket, in May of 2011 as an ebook mainly because I couldn't catch an agent's attention with my query letter--granted, it was a poorly written query letter. Plus, the first edition of the book was in pretty bad shape, grammatically speaking, so it probably wouldn't have interested an agent. I just wanted/needed some feedback from unbiased readers about the story. Was it any good? Should I keep my day job? 

Fast forward several years and multiple edits later, A Diamond in My Pocket has hit #1 in eleven countries, was named Breakout Book by iTunes, accumulated over a quarter-million downloads from 40 countries, and currently has the attention of Hollywood with a movie option contract. Did you know The Unaltered has it's own IMDb page. I'm pretty excited about that! 

I've accomplished this as an Indie author, funding my own journey along the way, researching new ways to stay on top of the game, connecting with others who know more than me, and being open to criticism and advice.

None of this journey would have been possible without readers like you. Thank you for giving my book a chance. Maybe it was the cover. Maybe it was the description. Maybe it was the "freebie of the day." Whatever caused you to click, I'm so grateful you did. Thank you for helping me embrace my creativity. I hope to be able to meet you someday at a book signing in your area.

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