I'm excited to announce A Diamond in My Pocket, book one in The Unaltered Series, has reached 200,000 downloads! This amazing milestone is made possible by all of you and your shared enthusiasm of the story, to which I’m grateful and humbled. In celebration, I’m offering a bundled boxed set of books 1-4 for only  $3.99.  And, I'm sharing an exciting update concerning the book series.
When I launched A Diamond in My Pocket in 2011, I only wanted to find out if the story held any promise. Despite efforts, I had not reached my goal of catching the eye of a literary agent with my queries, and I needed to know if I should throw in the towel or keep pursuing my course. The original manuscript was riddled with errors and typos—due to my failure to hire a professional editor—and received some less-than-stellar reviews. However, many other reviews were encouraging. I began tweeking my manuscript, taking the constructive criticisms to heart and improving the text. A Diamond in My Pocket has since hit Amazon's Movers&Shakers list and has become an Amazon Best Seller, Barnes&Noble Teen Best Seller, and an Apple's iBookstore Breakout Book.
The subsequent release of three additional books propelled The Unaltered Series forward. In early 2014, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing of the series. The campaign failed to succeed, however, the momentum which blossomed during the campaign spiked interest in the series as a whole. I now have a literary agent and professional editor  to help me reach my goals of providing a quality reading experience for my readers. Providing book sets to school libraries is still a top priority for me, as there are many young readers who don’t own digital reading devices. With a team of professionals supporting this project, we will succeed before you know it.

When will the series be available in print? I have been investigating the best course of action to take in order to have a far-reaching availability of my print books. My agent feels I should hold off on printing the series for now—because she has some intriguing plans ahead. She knows the market better than I do, so I’m going to listen to her. Her advice is to continue working on the next book in the series: book five.

My journey as an author has been nothing short of non-conventional. Self-publishing provided a means to develop a fan-base and gain reviews. The popularity of the series, continued sales growth, and personal perseverance is what attracted my agent. I’m just tickled pink I’ve finally reached that goal.

Oh, did I fail to mention my agent has an exclusive with a movie producer and she's on her way to bringing in a movie deal! It's coming, I can feel it.
Oh yeah.

To celebrate this incredible news, I'm offering the first four ebooks in The Unaltered Series as a bundled boxed set for only $3.99. That’s a 60% savings off the regular bundle price of $9.99. Now is a great time to read the series with a fresh professional edit, added details, and content. The ebook bundle is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords in many formats.
The Unaltered Series Lorena Angell
The Unaltered Series Box Set