Creating characters for fantasy books or fantasy story lines can be a bit of a challenge for an author. Readers like to see development, a refining process, or sometimes a declining process in a character. It's what helps the reader relate to and care about what happens to the character on their journey through your plot line.

In the rough, a diamond may not look like anything special, but deep within lies potential. In the right hands the beauty and magnificence can be revealed through a series of cuts and polishes. Alternately, a series of bad choices, beginning with mapping out the diamond within, to uneven cuts and inferior polishing, can lead to nothing more than a cheap, low-value diamond.
All fiction characters, including those found in fantasy books, have the potential to be brilliant, extraordinary individuals with many personality facets. Whether they are the good guys or the bad, their personality, character, and motivation can be carefully carved out and polished by the author. Books that leave a reader thinking and pondering over the characters, in my mind, have accomplished this task.

So what are some fantasy books and/or characters that stand out in your mind as either cheap diamonds or polished works of art? I'd love to hear. Please attribute other authors when referring to their work. Use the full title and who wrote it. Ex: Divergent by Veronica Roth


Connie Johanson
12/03/2014 2:24pm

Love your books. I can't wait for the movie!!!

Franklin Mares
12/04/2014 2:47am

After reading the 1st book a couple of years ago, i knew i just had to keep up with the rest. And so i have and i have to say its just brilliant. The characters and settings and lets not forget the history allegory used is just amazing.

12/22/2014 1:56am

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