Today, I'm the Featured Author on Christa Yelich-Koth's Illusion blog tour. Christa is a fellow author with a new book coming soon that I think many of my readers will like.

Here's what I had to say about her book Illusion:
“I’m happy to take part in Christa Yelich-Koth’s Blog Tour today. I read the first two chapters of her upcoming release, Illusion, and must say I’m excited to read the rest of the story. When I read science fiction, I need to be sucked right in or I grow bored. Illusion hooked my attention right off the bat in the first few pages. I have a strong draw to characters with an important destiny unbeknownst to them. Maybe my draw to this book comes from writing the same type of characters in my own work. Christa tells me Illusion contains no sex and minimal swearing, just action packed, edge of your seat adventures from the Eomix Galaxy far, far away. Based on what I’ve read so far in Illusion, I recommend this book to my readers. Go pre-order Illusion, by Christa Yelich-Koth today!”



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