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**Updated** Here's a super double-deal to help beat the summer heat:

When you download A Diamond In My Pocket for the price of $2.99 on Amazon, you qualify for a FREE download of book two, A Diamond In My Heart. 
($4.99 savings)

To receive your free download of book two, send me a message using my Contact form. Be sure to tell me what you liked about book one and that you're responding to my FREE offer. Please include your Amazon email so I can process your gift.

Have you already read A Diamond In My Pocket, but would like to get in on the FREE offer of book two? Send me a message with your Amazon email using my Contact form and I'll be happy to set you up with a complimentary download.

A Diamond In 
My Pocket
A Diamond In My Pocket and A Diamond In My Heart are both Amazon #1 Bestsellers in 3 countries with over 240,000 downloads combined. A Diamond In My Pocket is being optioned for film, so don't miss your chance to read the book before it hits the screen! 

What readers are saying about A Diamond In My Pocket

"The last time I remember reading a book this suspenseful is when I read The Hunger Games series a couple years ago." - JohnstonLife (Amazon) 

"I am a high school English teacher and am always looking for books to recommend to my students. This book goes to the top of the list!" - Robynne Leighe (Amazon) 

"Lorena Angell has the formula for young adults and oldsters like me." Gary R. Casebeer "Montessorian, Retired" 

"Great story, similar to the Percy Jackson series only with a female lead." -Amazon Customer 

"I was swept away on a journey of mysteries and powers and young love. I feel the books are ageless even if it focuses on teenagers." - L. Fuqua (Amazon) 

"I felt like it was a cross between Hunger Games & some Harry Potter. I have been recommending it to all the teens I coach & to some open minded adults. I couldn't put it down, the twists & turns keep you turning the pages. I loved the fantasy world it took me to, & how the real world blended." - Beth (Amazon)

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07/29/2015 12:05pm

What a great deal!

Lorena Angell
07/29/2015 12:37pm

Thanks, David! I clicked your name and visited your site. Boy, you sure have been a busy writer. Congrats on your successes.

Wendy K
07/29/2015 12:33pm

I've read all five books and luuuuv them all! When is book six coming out?

Lorena Angell
07/29/2015 12:38pm

Thank, Wendy! I can't give a release date yet on book six. It's in progress. ;)

07/29/2015 2:53pm

Just bought it. Great offer. Looking forward to reading :)

Lorena Angell
07/30/2015 8:52am

Thanks, Ellie! I try to make great offers here and there to infuse new interest in the series. I hope you enjoy the read. =)

07/29/2015 4:58pm

Nice site, Lorena. That is a great deal.

<a href="http://enovelauthorsatwork.com/dale-furse/">DaleFurse</a>

Lorena Angell
07/30/2015 8:57am

Thanks for dropping by, Dale.

07/29/2015 5:11pm

What a great deal. Am off to buy the first one.

Lorena Angell
07/30/2015 8:45am

Thanks Mary! I really appreciate your purchase. Hope you enjoy the read.

Cam Gant
07/29/2015 6:27pm

I bought the first book in November but I would like to get the free book. I love mysterys. Thanks.

Lorena Angell
07/30/2015 8:44am

Thanks, Cam! Use my Contact Me form (link above in post text, or in the dropdown menu under More) to send me your Amazon email and I'll process a gift of book two for you. =)

07/30/2015 9:02am

I love the covers for all these books! Am planning to buy the first one.

Lorena Angell
07/31/2015 8:11am

I appreciate your compliment on my covers, Linda. I designed them myself. =)

07/30/2015 2:38pm

Great blog, Lorena. You webpage/blog is so well done. Love it. Heavens, are you in Spring, Texas? We are almost neighbors.

Lorena Angell
07/31/2015 8:13am

Thanks for the compliment, Jackie. I'm actually in SW Washington state. Out of curiosity, what makes you think I'm from Texas?

Vicki Christensen
08/27/2015 4:35pm

When I heard my best friend from high school was a famous author, I had to buy the book and read it. Congrats on your success!!

10/27/2015 10:06pm

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11/15/2015 10:43pm

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The Hunger Games is likely one of the very few film that don't get cleared over by the teenage fad curse, with a tremendous because of fantastic acting from Jennifer Lawrence.

03/20/2016 3:51am

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