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06/02/2016 7:59am

I love all your books. Read them all and cant wait for #6! Is there going to be a movie?

06/06/2016 7:48pm

Hi Cindy. Thanks for commenting and for reading my books. I'm thrilled to hear you liked them. You asked, "Is there going to be a movie?" The Unaltered series is currently being optioned for film, which means Hollywood movie producers are actively trying to round up the necessary people, parts, financing, locations, etc., to begin filming a movie. Once they determine everything is in order, they'll announce the production of the movie. That will be an incredible day, for sure. As for book #6, I can't wait to release it!


Wow, I’m excited to hear about the good news. I’m thrilled to see one of your book series on film. I want to know if the movie maker will give justice to each character. I hope they’ll select one of the best Hollywood stars. I really can’t wait for it to happen. Do you think it’ll be screened on 2018?

06/04/2016 7:40am

I'm so happy your giving free books. I'm broke and want to read more. Hope I win #2

06/06/2016 7:50pm

Hi Cassandra. I hope you win too! Thanks for reading. =)

Nicole Ortiz
06/06/2016 4:09pm

Thanks for the giveaway!!

06/06/2016 7:52pm

Hi Nicole. You're welcome. I hope you win. =)

cheri brown
06/07/2016 7:23am

Thanks for the link to get your free book. I love reading. Hope your books are turned into an awesome movie :)

06/08/2016 8:31pm

I love these books. I love how I feel like I'm in the book.

07/12/2016 11:42pm

I just have to say, your books are amazing. I really do hope that they make it big internationally as well. Also, it would be nice if the series was adapted to film. Hopefully Hollywood would give it a chance and if ever they do, I hope they don't change too much of the material because it is already a great book. Hope to read more of your work soon!

07/20/2016 8:45am

It's really good to know this thing at this time, I don't need to browse somewhere anymore. Thank you.

08/14/2016 4:14pm

I watch many movies from here in the form of series and I am addict of watching movies that consist of series. A diamond in my pocket is lovely kind of series which I surly want to watch.

Rene Lussier
08/10/2017 4:29am

Love the series. getting it to the big screen would be AWESOME!


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