It's Diamond Giveaway Time!

****CONTEST ENDED**** Who will be the next Diamond Bearer? Will it be you? Contest runs Nov. 1-30, 2016.

Are you unfamiliar with The Unaltered series and the Sanguine Diamond? Here's a quick spoiler-free explanation: A Diamond in My Pocket, bk one of The Unaltered series (currently FREE on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Smashwords) introduces a secret universe existing within our own. In this world, cosmic energy grants superhuman abilities, and people of like ability band together in clans for both safety and community. Flesh-ripping demons prowl at night, drawn to the cosmic energy. Governments spy on clans, clans spy on governments, and trusting the wrong person may carry a terrible price. The Sanguine Diamond is a legendary, magical stone that resurfaces when it's demanded as ransom in exchange for the release of prisoners of each clan. The heroine of the story is secretly given the diamond to transport safely to the delivery event. Close contact with the stone empowers her with all of the different cosmic powers, allowing her to see the future, read minds, heal injuries, etc., exposing traitors, conspiracies, and a doomed future... one she feels compelled to change. A Diamond in My Pocket is an International bestseller and is being optioned for film.
Congratulations to the winner: Christa Y.


Cedar H.
11/01/2016 7:16pm

I want to win, win, win! I'm an Awesome Fan!

Elaine Stoker
11/04/2016 8:31am

I am anxiously awaiting book 6. I am an Awesome Fan and would love to win❣️❣️🎉

D. Little
11/02/2016 10:56am

OOOH I've wanted a diamond for a long time! Pleeese pick me I'm an Awesome Fan!

11/02/2016 11:50am

I love this series!! I want to be the next Diamond Bearer because I'm an Awesome Fan!

Nicole Ortiz
11/02/2016 11:57am

I'm an Awesome fan and I want to WIN!

August Prestano
11/02/2016 12:02pm

I am an awesome fan, I would love to win !

11/02/2016 12:14pm

This Awesome Fan thinks this is awesome and says "I wanna win!"

11/02/2016 12:24pm

Awesome Fan here!! Love the Unaltered Series! Sanguine Diamonds are forever and ever awesome, like Awesome Fans! And did I say, I want to win? Yeah!!

Shanika Douglas
11/02/2016 12:36pm

I want to be the next Diamond Bearer because I'm an Awesome Fan!

Myra Tiedemann
11/02/2016 12:43pm

I've read all your books and I'm an Awesome Fan!

Catherine Griffin
11/02/2016 3:27pm

I'm an awesome fan of an awesome author who writes awesome books.

Steve Weber
11/02/2016 3:49pm

I'm an Awesome Unaltered Fan. Enter me!

Andrea Stoeckel
11/02/2016 4:55pm

A Wonderful Eclectic Successfully Organized Mentor Everyone knows who we are AWESOME FANS of

Carson Boren
11/02/2016 7:45pm

What a great series of books! I'm an awesome fan of the Unaltered Series.

11/02/2016 8:12pm

I'm an Awesome Fan and I want to WIN!

Olivia Willoughby
11/02/2016 9:40pm

I'm your #1 Awesome Fan!!! Pick me so I can buy more of your wonderful books please! 😀

11/03/2016 1:17am

I am an Awesome Fan and can't wait for book number 6!

Lynn Wilton
11/03/2016 8:34am

I am an Awesome Fan of the series. Go Calli!

Nancy Jones
11/03/2016 1:31pm

"Awesome Fan."

Jan Butterick
11/04/2016 12:22am

I am a awesome fan and would make a great next diamond bearer.

Amber Nelsen
11/04/2016 1:40pm

I am an Awesome Fan of this series, I treasure my diamond, it has its own spot in my library!

Ashley T
11/04/2016 9:37pm

Can't wait for book six because I'm an awesome fan!(:

Tanesha A
11/05/2016 10:21am

I love these books and want the diamond. Question- Why is everyone saying Awesome Fan in there comment? Am I missing something?

11/05/2016 1:31pm

I want to be the next Diamond Bearer because I'm an Awesome Fan!

11/07/2016 9:24am

I'm an Awesome Unaltered Fan. Enter me!

11/11/2016 6:56pm

Holy batman, I am an awesome fan. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me.

Jan Butterick
11/15/2016 5:46pm

Please hurry with book 6, this awesome fan is getting antsy!

11/19/2016 3:51pm

I'm an Awesome Fan of the Unaltered series. Cannot wait for the next book! Enter me!


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