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Donna F
01/10/2018 9:14am

I've followed this series since 2013. Love, love! When is book 6 releasing?

Lorena Angell
01/10/2018 10:54am

Hi Donna. Thanks for reading my series. Book six is coming soon, I promise.

01/17/2018 11:09pm

I was also surprised when I knew that she will be releasing a sixth installment of the book.The last five installments were all successful, that is why you are still into writing this one. But I am okay even if I will not be part of your book. I don't think I have that enough money I can pay so that I can have my money included at the back of your book. But of course, this could have been a great privilege for me! I will ask my friends if they are wiling to pay for that!

Annabella A
01/10/2018 9:43am

I told my friends about your book series and patreon page. Best of luck!

Lorena Angell
01/10/2018 10:55am

Thanks for stopping by, Annabella. And big thanks for sharing.

Rozanne S
01/10/2018 10:26am

Do you have a Donate button? I want to donate for book 6 edit but don't want to sign up on patron.

Lorena Angell
01/10/2018 10:57am

Rozanne, what a good idea. I'll get right on that and post it in the right-hand column. Thanks for your desire to help out. =)

Greg R
01/10/2018 11:26am

I did! Love the books.

Tiffany M
01/10/2018 12:42pm

Done! Can’t wait!

Donna Coder
01/10/2018 1:01pm

I love all of you books.

Elizabeth Robinson
01/10/2018 1:13pm

This is such a great idea.

Linda Bass
01/10/2018 2:00pm


Stephanie R
01/10/2018 3:26pm

Love this series! Looking forward to book 6!

Jo Anne V
01/10/2018 4:14pm

an awesome series

01/10/2018 6:42pm

Congrats on starting the Patreon! I hope lots of your fans sign up so you can get your books out faster. :)


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