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From author Lorena Angell
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What's been happening with The Unaltered series?

I've wanted to give this update for a while now.
So, here we go ...

August 2014, my literary agent, Linda, pitched The Unaltered series to movie and television producers at The Willamette Writer’s Convention in Portland, Oregon. A serious producer scooped up the series with a signed shopping agreement and began running. This producer presented the series to many financiers (distributors) and found much interest. In November 2014, I announced my books were being optioned for film because in my mind that’s what was happening. However, in the technical sense, it wasn’t. (More on that below.) The producer continued to search for interested parties who wanted to join in on this project. She found another production company that is extremely interested and we recently entered into an option contract.

I’m thrilled to announce—officially—that now, The Unaltered series is being optioned for film.

So, what’s the difference between a shopping agreement and an option contract? This link gives you an in-depth explanation. http://filmmakermagazine.com/88008-not-an-option/#.Vb-xqvlVhBc
The simple explanation is shopping agreements aren’t new, but are growing in popularity with independent producers as a free or low-cost way of getting exclusive rights to a project while shopping it around to distributors and other producers. Where an option contract takes time to negotiate and agree upon, a shopping agreement is quick, hassle-free, “try before you buy” kind of deal.

The recent option contract took a while to hammer out. In the end, I’m pleased with the contract. The entire process of how a book is turned into a film is quite intriguing and I’ve learned so much during the last year. I’m incredibly excited to see where these professionals will take my book series.

I'll post updates and news on Tuesdays--Tuesday Newsday.

When will A Diamond in My Pocket be in print?  Soon, very soon!

Over the last year, my literary agent began submitting queries to publishing houses. She hoped that because my books weren’t printed yet, they might hold more value in a publisher’s eye, so I postponed the release of the print versions. I also began working on and releasing book five.

So, I'm moving forward with printing The Unaltered series.

I’ll be releasing one book at a time to keep my costs easier to handle. A Diamond in My Pocket will be available through CreateSpace and Ingram Spark sometime in the next few months. A Diamond in My Heart will be available a few weeks after that. And so one with the other books. 

I will be offering signed copies through my website, hosting some fun giveaways, and participating in blog tours. Stay tuned to my blog and keep an eye out for my newsletter. I like to make my important announcements to my Awesome Fans first, before taking the news public.

Thank You for reading my books! I hope you're as excited as I am to see this series in print and on the big screen!

Congratulations to  Erika E. for winning this month's gift card. 

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diamond bookA Diamond In My Pocket - young adult fantasy
**Updated** Here's a super double-deal to help beat the summer heat:

When you download A Diamond In My Pocket for the price of $2.99 on Amazon, you qualify for a FREE download of book two, A Diamond In My Heart. 
($4.99 savings)

To receive your free download of book two, send me a message using my Contact form. Be sure to tell me what you liked about book one and that you're responding to my FREE offer. Please include your Amazon email so I can process your gift.

Have you already read A Diamond In My Pocket, but would like to get in on the FREE offer of book two? Send me a message with your Amazon email using my Contact form and I'll be happy to set you up with a complimentary download.

A Diamond In 
My Pocket
A Diamond In My Pocket and A Diamond In My Heart are both Amazon #1 Bestsellers in 3 countries with over 240,000 downloads combined. A Diamond In My Pocket is being optioned for film, so don't miss your chance to read the book before it hits the screen! 

What readers are saying about A Diamond In My Pocket

"The last time I remember reading a book this suspenseful is when I read The Hunger Games series a couple years ago." - JohnstonLife (Amazon) 

"I am a high school English teacher and am always looking for books to recommend to my students. This book goes to the top of the list!" - Robynne Leighe (Amazon) 

"Lorena Angell has the formula for young adults and oldsters like me." Gary R. Casebeer "Montessorian, Retired" 

"Great story, similar to the Percy Jackson series only with a female lead." -Amazon Customer 

"I was swept away on a journey of mysteries and powers and young love. I feel the books are ageless even if it focuses on teenagers." - L. Fuqua (Amazon) 

"I felt like it was a cross between Hunger Games & some Harry Potter. I have been recommending it to all the teens I coach & to some open minded adults. I couldn't put it down, the twists & turns keep you turning the pages. I loved the fantasy world it took me to, & how the real world blended." - Beth (Amazon)

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Happy 4th of July!

I'm pleased to announce the winner of July's $25 Amazon gift card: Cheri B.

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