Supporter of the Unaltered Kickstarter Campaign

The following names are supporters who are near and dear to my heart. They came to my aid, helping future readers benefit from their kindness and generosity.

Andi Crockford
Tommy Angell
Linda Stirling
Deb Meleson
Zack Hartman
Pam Warnburg
Kim Skaggs
Janele Whipple

Jennifer Cook
Kevin & Jacki Baxter
Shannon Dominguez
Valerie Wagner
Jaime Williams
Travis Allen
Patricia Foxall
Gary & Ruth Casebeer

Carolyn Collette
Richard Baxter
Ilene Adler
David Baxter
Max Crapo
Sheila Sciortino
Janet Wittman
Susan Bennett

Aura Almanzar
Linda Jentzsch
Thomas N. Hall
Macy Meleson
Sharon Bowers Cernik
Martin Hurwitz
Jolene Lavine

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