The Diamond Bearers' Rising

The Diamond Bearers’ Rising book cover
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The Diamond Bearers' Rising,
book 6 of The Unaltered Series

Sometimes, discovering one’s purpose in life can be a letdown. Or, it can cause one to rise up and fight back.

Book six in The Unaltered series. Calli is assigned to help rescue imprisoned scientists from a facility eerily similar to General Harding’s. Even with Brand’s help, this will prove to be difficult at best. The task reveals a new, man-made, power-removing substance.

Another threat still hanging in the balance is Max Corvus and the obsidian bullets he now possesses. Calli’s first major failure as a Bearer will ignite a bidding war for the information Max has about her and the others.

If these two new powerful weapons weren’t enough to worry about, Calli also discovers a plot among her own group once Chris decides to become a full diamond bearer. With her own future at stake, Calli must change the rules that have always been laid out for her.

“REFRESHINGLY DELICIOUS—love the whole series” Usually not a reader of this genre. Took a chance. Great story, science, mystery, romance, doomsday, peppers, conspiracy, paranormal, military, political, thriller in a story that actually makes sense and is well written. I am blown away. Not campy or cheesy but even had demons, vampires, and angsty teens. The story has heart and substance. Can’t wait for more.” -Moonmist, Amazon reviewer

The Unaltered Series Lorena Angell